The Orange puppet engages the Putin enterprise
Throws a tantrum with the fizzled October surprise

The Gulf of Mexico may be placid
The Texans are not flaccid

Undeterred Texans start a blue wave
To send Orange puppet to the cave

Texans are the Floridians and Georgians envy
Together they are a bevy

Creating a blue tsunami early and soon
To send Orange puppet to the moon

As an outsider and as a believer in conspiracies, Trump gained major traction during the 2016 Republican primaries to emerge as their candidate. During this period, he developed into a demagogue, who inspired many desperate souls looking for an anchor in life into becoming part of the MAGAcult. The demagogue’s…

As we enter the fall and look toward the end of the year Covid-2020, I am starting to look forward and dream of a brighter future. With the impending funeral of the Trumpublican party in November, I was humming a Hindi song in my mind — “Tara rump, pump pump…”…

When one reads the Declaration of Independence — “All men are created equal”, and then further reads the Constitutional amendments for voting rights, it seems pretty straight forward — One man, One vote. So, why are voting rights so complicated? …

Notorious RBG: Well-timed Death

Like everyone in America, I have been musing about the events of the past week. This all could be wishful thinking for eternal optimists like me who always see the glass as half-full. The passing of RBG is a seminal moment in American democracy. …

Ravi N Shankar

An eternal optimist and a novice blogger

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