Pied Piper of the MAGAcult

As an outsider and as a believer in conspiracies, Trump gained major traction during the 2016 Republican primaries to emerge as their candidate. During this period, he developed into a demagogue, who inspired many desperate souls looking for an anchor in life into becoming part of the MAGAcult. The demagogue’s constant belittling of opponents, media, liberals, and foreign allies created a feel good moment for the MAGAcult at the rallies. In addition, stoking their emotions about losing their cultural identities, the MAGAcult started to believe anything and everything spouting out of the demagogue’s potty mouth.

Once Trump became President, he really became the Pied Piper of the MAGAcult. He used the bully pulpit to project an alternative reality with no checks and balances on his power, due to an inept Senate majority. The MAGAcult soon emerged as the base of the GOP and psychosis of the cult knew no bounds. Even the Never Trumpers succumbed to the pressure to keep their jobs during the 2018 midterms. The impeachment of the President did not deter the MAGAcult. This was further exacerbated by the Fox News bubble, providing the kaleidoscope and echo chamber to the alternate reality, familiar and fraternizing to the beliefs of the MAGAcult.

With the emergence of COVID-19 early this year, the Pied Piper declared masks were an encumbrance on people’s freedom. The MAGAcult became the superspreaders of the disease in the country with their protest to wear a mask and social distance for public health. This tanked the economy and has provided Democrats’ a chance to regain power in 2021. Despite the Pied Piper contracting COVID-19 and his eventual hospital recovery, the MAGAcult lemmings do not realize that the Pied Piper is leading some of them to their grave.

During the fall election campaign, the corrupt and amoral Pied Piper is projecting all his misdeeds on his opponent. This shtick has become too old to attract new members into the MAGAcult. With the failing campaign, the Pied Piper is desperate and looking past the election to save his family, planning to take an Aeroflot flight to Moscow if he loses the election. The Pied Piper would seek forgiveness for his debts with Putin rather than face the legal reckoning for his corruption. Without the Pied Piper, the MAGAcult would soon be left to wallow in their tears for years.

Stay tuned for updates as the story unfolds over the next few months.

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